Old Hopes​/​Old Dreams (2010)

by oldfears

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Brian Howe: Vocals
Brandon Musser: Bass/Vocals
Matt Very: Guitar
Kevin Proto: Drums


released October 22, 2010

recorded in 2010 by Matt Very @ Very Tight Recordings



all rights reserved


oldfears Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: 01 (Brought Up)
brought up
brought up not to question
brought up not to think
brought up with no concerns

the sugar coated warm and fuzzy "okays"

never thought
never thought much
never thought so much before
Track Name: 02 (Shopping Lust)
buy everything thats left
but there is nothing left
time's up - times are up

clean your plate
and make room for more

hollow leg
it just pours
it just pours and
it just pours and pours out

shopping lust

we never see it leave
nothing ever goes away

buy everything
so you don't need anyone

deep pockets
deep graves
Track Name: 03 (Deadbeat)
less of a diamond
more a pebble
just a mess on the street side
always there but never noticed

dark eyes
and swollen red lips
from a night of one too many
for tonight to get so many

with the intent of attention
of one beat dead


step off your soap box
deflate - deflate

extra - extra - extra
read all about it

all this just to compensate the lack of slack

not so high and mighty
not so high

no throne ever
Track Name: 04 (Cherished)
make use of and abandon
forgetful minds
willing to compromise with no self worth

she is cherished
made use of and abandoned
forgetful minds
compromised with no self worth


set aside for glory and pride
is that what you're made of?
or made out to be?

your conscious won't hold this weight for long
innocence was never easy
your conscious won't hold this weight for long
guilty until proven innocent

dollar sign direction
realistically unrealistic
dollar sign distraction
desperate - drastic measures

(burn the witch)
Track Name: 05 (Disloyal/Divine)
clean slate
reset the world
the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

just another black eye
black out after the last

is this what you call a leader?
disloyal and divine

give thanks
your legs will collapse
when the crown is placed upon your head

carry this on your back
without a spine
they would like to see you try

red handed
they will make you eat your words

how can you save us
when you can't save yourself?

40 days and 40 nights
plan for the worst
oh, plan for the worst

drown your problems old man
gutlessly - cowardly turn your back

but no one is listening
but the line is busy

disloyal and divine
Track Name: 06 (Nothing But Human)
nothing but human
nothing but mortal
nothing but phantoms
nothing but serpents
nothing but vermin
nothing but scripture

plagued with the past
and masked with so many marks
cashing in on lashings

always seeking surrender
but only in it to win it
win it

self-rendered paralysis
with these polluted binary brains
oh the brains

these brains spinning
with water from the dream trough
so we fool ourselves to the point of
shaking terror

so strong
so scared

on all fours to the ascendency

know the hate
know the penance

the transcontinental works
the bumper stickers
the weekly wine

what makes you think you'll get in?
Track Name: 07 (Brought Down)
brought down
brought down with fear
brought down cradle to grave
brought down hopes and dreams

out of sight
out of mind

never slept
never slept well
never slept so well before