Hell is for Those Who Believe in It (2012)

by oldfears

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released February 14, 2012

recorded, mixed, and mastered by
matt very at very tight recordings

all music and lyrics written & performed by
brian howe | brandon musser | kevin proto | matt very

additional group vocals and spoken word performed by william james, justin nixon, jake very, carleigh mallah, gregory evans, benjamin (jethro) gardner, becca harmon & ashley coombs

layout and design by brian howe



all rights reserved


oldfears Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: This Song

and he sits. he's sat for so long, so still.
and so subordinate he'll stay.
this song, its the only thing that he has.
called a queer, a fag, and a nigger. all the same.
those words are just words, just names but they hurt.
words are just words. names but they hurt.
dad comes home wiping his sweat on his shirt.
he knows its not the time to show tears.
deadbeat dad. daytime drinker. broken home. mother beater. deadbeat.
drinker mom. daughter slapper. mini-van wrecker. soccer mom smile.
its 90 out, but her long sleeves suggest otherwise.

Track Name: False Priest
condemned. you are no friends. no heroes. pretend.
brought up. brought down. ripped off.
disguise. family ties. no leaders. dirty secrets.
brought up. brought down. ripped off.
out sold. sold out. forgot.
i know you can hear us but are you even listening?
oh my fraud. oh my god.
we cant handle the truth, the weight is too much.
invisible miracles. transparency’s touch.
show us a sign. show us the way.
are we selfish for asking to show us your face?
i know you can hear us but are you even listening?
hello? hello? is anybody there?
are we sinners for thinking you are nothing but air?
polluted. pollution.
we have gone. gone so far. so far gone.
oh my god. oh my fraud. play along.

one small step for man, one giant step for mankind.
this still won't stop you from dying.
how far is heaven?
artificial environments trapped in your artificial life.
what kind of man are you?
we'll float around like we own this place.
life preserver was never so ironic.
Track Name: Shelf Life
one nation. one god. how blessed we are.

fed to the wolves. freed by the flies.

they wait.
 such a lonely world.

awake? press pause at the end of the world.

everything is so much safer in front of the box.

only dying if they say we’ll die. 
only living if they grant it.

we’re made. we’re polished. and we’re discarded like trash.
Track Name: Handful of Teeth
handful of guilt, handful of greed.

handful of bullets, handful of teeth.

we're all afraid, always afraid.

believe what you want. believe what you will.

deceiving disciples. pincushion of blame.

discontent with a hatred of hate.

they tell of an angel coming? 
great liar, great thief.
witness: welcome.

word travels fast.
 screams travel further.

so we pass around a plate.

pitch in what you can. not too much now... not too much.
what’s the price for those pearly gates?

blood above the doorway to protect the son.

no one wants to go get their hands dirty.

live it up. get your hands dirty. and repent.

the king demands more silver and gold.
Track Name: Shipwrecker
pack your bags. 
we set sail at dawn.

bury these ghosts where you found them.

counting three by sea, in the name of the father and of the son.

live by the sword, die by the sword.

live for the dollar, die for the dollar.
respect your father’s wishes.

deathwish. cold water. don’t compromise.

sand in your teeth. salt in your wound.

corrosive blood.
 keep your chin up, your head above water.

devoured by waves. justice by winds. 
gutless to gutter.
don’t take his name in vain.

nothing says “terror” like help
. nothing says “fear” like save us.
Track Name: Bartolomé de las Casas
nature versus nurture. home breeds hate.
the child, though born clean, grows with hands stained and dripping with blood.
just as the carnation when grown in mud sprouts white.
caged life. parents fight. pigments mix and then dissolve.
and the colors end up wrong.

with open arms we came, born free from the womb.
just and genuine, confess. let open. nothing has felt less.
tiny pyramids built by ignorance and injustice. i shouldn't feel them.
let me go. let go.
a society raised on ignorance and inequity.
shame has bestowed its fists upon me.
unresolved matters will cause the topple.
keeping windows shut and doors closed.
internal praise. everyone knows.
self back pats until there's bruises. no responsibility.
nothing bad has ever happened. no honest sympathy.
Track Name: Last Chance
its not our business. it is our pleasure.
find the bounty, take the treasure.
we are the hunters. shoot them down.
your words don’t mean a thing if you can’t say them proud.
scream freedom. red, white and blue. they're singing our tune.
we're red, white and bruised.
where does the line begin? and when does it end?
upper class. middle class. lower class. dead.
red, white and bruised. freedom. scream freedom.